How a Bridge Loan Works


Mortgage BridgeLoanHas this happened to you?  You have your home for sale.  You are looking for a new home and find it but your primary home hasn’t closed yet.  You might want to consider a Bridge Loan.  Above is a timeline of a transaction from our Friends at The Lending Partners on a transaction that he completed this month.  The buyer utilized the bridge loan offered by TLP to leverage the equity in his current home to purchase his new home with NO CONTIGENCY! We had a clear-to-close 6 days prior to the closing date and docs issued to title company 2 days prior. The bottom line is the bridge loan is a great option for clients to explore if they have a contingent offer AND we can process and close the bridge loans VERY quickly and smoothly…under 30 days!  If you are interested in this program,  click here to go to The Lending Partners Website.

Let the Schwanbecks Exceed Your Expectations!

We would love an opportunity to assist you in your real estate needs  – anywhere in the DFW metroplex or whether you want a lake home in East Texas.  Click here to view our website.  Click here to learn more about Cedar Creek Lake.

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