When do You take down Christmas Decorations?

I love decorating my home for the holidays.  My tree is filled with ornaments that my children have made while growing up, ornaments they have picked out through the years, and things I have picked up.  The only kind of themed tree it would be called is FAMILY.  I love putting up all the Santas, and lights (which we didn’t do this year).  What I don’t enjoy doing is wrapping, but it somehow gets done.  I have one room that really becomes a mess with paper, bows, boxes, and all the gifts awaiting wrapping.  On the weekend of Thanksgiving I will make our home festive, and get everything out and decorate the tree.

I equally love taking everything down an reclaiming our home.  I usually get everything down a couple of days after christmas.  It is all definitely down and put away in the attic before New Years.

In our household, for Christmas morning, there are two breakfast Must-Haves.  One is my Mothers Breakfast Casserole (egg dish) which I make the night before and let is set in the fridge.  Then there is the sweet and gooey Monkey Bread.  This year for Christmas Day dinner, we did a Mexican Fiesta buffet with homemade Enchiladas, tamales, rice, cheese dip and all the fixings.

When do you put the decorations out and when do you take them down?  What holiday traditions does your family have?

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