115 Nob Hill Circle Malakoff, TX 75148

Enjoy the relaxing serenity of lake living. The water is gently lapping at the retaining wall.  The stream is gurgling.  The castle building competition is at the sand pit while fish stories are happening at the fishing pier.  In the outdoor commercial kitchen the real action has begun.  The grills are going and the game is on.  The chefs are slicing, dicing and preparing the meal.  A domino game is happening at the table.  The little ones are floating their toy boats in the stream.  The jetskiers and boaters are working up an appetite.  This is what life can be like at Cedar Creek Lake.   This home can be yours but don’t wait too long.  | Debbie Schwanbeck debbies@ebby.com

Source: 115 Nob Hill Circle Malakoff, TX 75148